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Parsifal - Richard Wagner
Role : Flowergirl, Knapp
Conductor : Patrik Ringborg 2013 and Lawrence Renes 2015
Year : 2013 and 2015, Royal Swedish Opera
Director : Christof Loy

Photo: Alexander Kenney

Wagner’s final masterpiece
The sensuous complexity of love is at the center of the director Christof Loy’s staging of Richard Wagner’s Parsifal. Abstaining or indulge themselves – that is the question!

The set had its premiere at the Opera House in 2013 and was highly appreciated by audiences and critics alike. The cast, among others, Michael Weinius, one of Europe’s most sought-after tenors, and host the stars Peter Mattei and Katarina Dalayman as both sung the same role at the Metropolitan Opera in New York.